Citymapper: The only London travel app you need

June 05, 2013



Do you think you know all the fastest routes across London? Well we challenge you to do any better than the suggestions from Citymapper – one of the best apps you can get on your phone in our opinion.

The key to Citymapper is it’s simplicity and slickness. With one tap of your smartphone screen this map will show you the way home, but not just one way home, there is more to it than that. It tells you how long it would take to walk, cycle, get a taxi, hop on a bus, ride the tube or take the train.

This may sound like the kind of information you would expect a good travel app to provide. However, the app goes further and provides you with little nuggets of insight that just make getting home that much easier, and sometimes more fun!

For starters, it will estimate the calories you would burn if you were to walk to your destination, it estimates how much your taxi would cost and it provides you with the best way to arrive without getting wet if it is raining. In addition to this there are live departure boards for trains and buses, tube line statuses and live docking station information for Boris bikes.

The suggested routes also take into account combinations of different modes of transport in a very effective way. And for those of you who are lucky enough to own a catapult, a jetpack or a teleporter, it will even  calculate what time you will be arriving home for dinner!

The app is a must have for anybody that does anything in London, it is as simple as that.

You can download Citymapper for free from Google Play and the App Store.